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Oligocene bathyal to abyssal benthic Foraminifera of the Atlantic Ocean

Miriam E. Katz, R. C. Tjalsma and Kenneth G. Miller
Oligocene bathyal to abyssal benthic Foraminifera of the Atlantic Ocean
Micropaleontology (2003) 49, Suppl. 2: 45 pp.

ISSN: 0026-2803
Serial Title: Micropaleontology
Serial Volume: 49, Suppl. 2
Title: Oligocene bathyal to abyssal benthic Foraminifera of the Atlantic Ocean
Author(s): Katz, Miriam E.
Author(s): Tjalsma, R. C.
Author(s): Miller, Kenneth G.
Affiliation: Rutgers University, Department of Geological Sciences, Piscataway, NJ, United States
Published: 2003
Text Language: English
Publisher: American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY, United States
Number of pages: 45
References: 163
Accession Number: 2005-075728
Categories: Invertebrate paleontologyStratigraphy
Document Type: Serial
Bibliographic Level: Monographic
Illustration Description: illus. incl. 5 plates, 3 tables, sketch map
N32°51'42" - N32°51'42", W52°12'54" - W52°12'54"
S28°34'60" - S28°15'00", W26°51'00" - W20°55'60"
S30°00'19" - S30°00'19", W35°15'00" - W35°15'00"
N45°02'18" - N45°02'18", W07°58'48" - W07°58'48"
N09°27'14" - N09°27'14", W54°20'31" - W54°20'31"
S50°39'19" - S50°39'19", W46°05'44" - W46°05'44"
N24°08'60" - N24°31'60", W88°30'00" - W86°19'60"
S30°00'15" - S30°00'15", W35°33'35" - W35°33'35"
S50°39'19" - S50°39'19", W46°05'44" - W46°05'44"
S30°00'15" - S30°00'15", W35°33'35" - W35°33'35"
S35°50'46" - S35°50'44", E18°05'47" - E18°05'48"
S19°49'60" - S19°37'60", E09°00'00" - E10°34'60"
N05°40'40" - N05°40'41", W19°51'05" - W19°51'04"
N47°22'54" - N47°22'54", W09°11'54" - W09°11'54"
S30°16'36" - S30°16'35", W35°17'07" - W35°17'06"
S26°06'51" - S26°06'50", W05°06'47" - W05°06'46"
S30°07'24" - S30°07'24", E03°08'18" - E03°08'18"
N48°49'60" - N49°10'00", W13°10'00" - W12°00'00"
N37°46'14" - N37°46'15", W37°20'37" - W37°20'36"
N33°38'31" - N33°38'32", W43°46'03" - W43°46'02"
S47°03'03" - S47°03'02", E07°53'40" - E07°53'41"
N38°49'60" - N39°00'00", W72°49'60" - W72°40'00"
Country of Publication: United States
Secondary Affiliation: GeoRef, Copyright 2017, American Geosciences Institute.
Update Code: 200545
Program Name: ODPOcean Drilling Program
Program Name: DSDPDeep Sea Drilling Project
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