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Evidence for 65 km of dextral slip across Owens Valley, California, since 83 Ma

Andrew R. C. Kylander-Clark, Drew S. Coleman, Allen F. Glazner and John M. Bartley
Evidence for 65 km of dextral slip across Owens Valley, California, since 83 Ma
Geological Society of America Bulletin (August 2005) 117 (7-8): 962-968


The Golden Bear dike in the Sierra Nevada and the Coso dikes in the Coso Range crop out on opposite sides of Owens Valley, California, and strike roughly perpendicular to it. Neither dike reappears along strike across the valley. New data demonstrate that the dike sets are ca. 83 Ma in age, share nearly identical mineralogy and petrography, and intrude similar wall rocks including distinctive 102 Ma leucogranite. Dike bulk-chemical and Sr and Nd isotope compositions are nearly indistinguishable. These data suggest that the dike sets were originally continuous and were offset dextrally by approximately 65 km. This displacement estimate is consistent with other recent estimates of total slip across Owens Valley. If faulting began during the Pliocene, the average slip rate was significantly faster than the current rate. Alternatively, motion could have been episodic and have begun as early as the Late Cretaceous.

ISSN: 0016-7606
EISSN: 1943-2674
Serial Title: Geological Society of America Bulletin
Serial Volume: 117
Serial Issue: 7-8
Title: Evidence for 65 km of dextral slip across Owens Valley, California, since 83 Ma
Affiliation: University of North Carolina, Department of Geological Sciences, Chapel Hill, NC, United States
Pages: 962-968
Published: 200508
Text Language: English
Publisher: Geological Society of America (GSA), Boulder, CO, United States
References: 43
Accession Number: 2005-074713
Categories: Structural geologyGeochronology
Document Type: Serial
Bibliographic Level: Analytic
Annotation: With GSA Data Repository Item 2005103
Illustration Description: illus. incl. geol. sketch map
N35°45'00" - N37°00'00", W119°00'00" - W117°15'00"
Secondary Affiliation: University of Utah, USA, United States
Country of Publication: United States
Secondary Affiliation: GeoRef, Copyright 2017, American Geosciences Institute. Reference includes data supplied by the Geological Society of America, Boulder, CO, United States
Update Code: 200545
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