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Microbeam X-ray diffraction in the analysis of minerals and materials

Frederick J. Wicks, Malcolm E. Back, Robert A. Ramik and Marie-Claude Corbeil
Microbeam X-ray diffraction in the analysis of minerals and materials (in Microbeam techniques in the earth sciences, Frank C. Hawthorne (editor) and R. F. Martin (editor))
The Canadian Mineralogist (April 1995) 33, Part 2: 313-322


Microbeam XRD is well established for use for in situ identification of fine-grained mineral aggregates in thin section, but recent developments allow coarse-grained aggregates and single crystals to be manipulated to give complete diffraction patterns. The use of microbeam XRD for the measurement of strain has the potential for important new studies of geological materials. This technique has been developed extensively by materials scientists, and its application in the Earth Sciences should give new insight into the extent and mechanisms of deformation in rocks and minerals.

ISSN: 0008-4476
EISSN: 1499-1276
Coden: CAMIA6
Serial Title: The Canadian Mineralogist
Serial Volume: 33, Part 2
Title: Microbeam X-ray diffraction in the analysis of minerals and materials
Title: Microbeam techniques in the earth sciences
Author(s): Wicks, Frederick J.Back, Malcolm E.Ramik, Robert A.Corbeil, Marie-Claude
Author(s): Hawthorne, Frank C.editor
Author(s): Martin, R. F.editor
Affiliation: Royal Ontario Museum, Department of Mineralogy, Toronto, ON, Canada
Pages: 313-322
Published: 199504
Text Language: English
Summary Language: French
Publisher: Mineralogical Association of Canada, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Meeting name: Special session of the GAC-MAC annual meeting
Meeting location: Waterloo, ON, CAN, Canada
Meeting date: 199?199?
References: 39
Accession Number: 1999-060106
Categories: General geochemistry
Document Type: Serial Conference document
Bibliographic Level: Analytic
Illustration Description: illus.
Secondary Affiliation: Canadian Conservation Institute, CAN, Canada
Country of Publication: Canada
Secondary Affiliation: GeoRef, Copyright 2017, American Geosciences Institute. Reference includes data from Mineralogical Abstracts, United KingdomTwickenhamUKUnited Kingdom
Update Code: 199920
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