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Uralolite, Ca (sub 2) Be (sub 4) (PO (sub 4) ) (sub 3) (OH) (sub 3) .5H (sub 2) O; new data and crystal structure

Kurt Mereiter, Gerhard Niedermayr and Franz Walter
Uralolite, Ca (sub 2) Be (sub 4) (PO (sub 4) ) (sub 3) (OH) (sub 3) .5H (sub 2) O; new data and crystal structure
European Journal of Mineralogy (December 1994) 6 (6): 887-896


Uralolite from the Weinebene, Koralpe, Carinthia, Austria, is monoclinic, space group P2 (sub 1) /n, with a 6.550, b 16.005, c 15.969 Aa, beta 101.64 degrees , V 1639.6 Aa (super 3) , Z = 4. The structure was refined to R 0.058; it exhibits a novel type of corrugated tetrahedral layer (010). This layer is of composition [Be (sub 4) (PO (sub 4) ) (sub 3) (OH) (sub 3) ] (super 4+) and contains S-shaped groups of four corner-sharing BeO (sub 4) tetrahedra which link with PO (sub 4) tetrahedra to form 3-, 4- and 8-membered rings, including the first occurrence of a BeBeBeP ring. Two Ca atoms in CaO (sub 5) (H (sub 2) O) (sub 2) coordination and a 'free' water molecule complete the structure, which is pseudosymmetric and approximates to space group C2/c.

ISSN: 0935-1221
Serial Title: European Journal of Mineralogy
Serial Volume: 6
Serial Issue: 6
Title: Uralolite, Ca (sub 2) Be (sub 4) (PO (sub 4) ) (sub 3) (OH) (sub 3) .5H (sub 2) O; new data and crystal structure
Affiliation: Universitaet Wien, Institut fuer Mineralogie, Kristallographie und Struckturchemie, Vienna, Austria
Pages: 887-896
Published: 199412
Text Language: English
Publisher: Schweizerbart'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung (Naegele u. Obermiller), Stuttgart, Federal Republic of Germany
References: 19
Accession Number: 1995-007442
Categories: Mineralogy of non-silicates
Document Type: Serial
Bibliographic Level: Analytic
Illustration Description: illus. incl. 5 tables
N46°30'00" - N47°00'00", E12°30'00" - E15°00'00"
N46°34'60" - N47°00'00", E14°52'00" - E15°10'00"
Secondary Affiliation: Naturhistorisches Museum Wien, AUT, AustriaKarl-Franzens-Universitaet Graz, AUT, Austria
Country of Publication: Germany
Secondary Affiliation: GeoRef, Copyright 2017, American Geosciences Institute. Reference includes data from Mineralogical Abstracts, United KingdomTwickenhamUKUnited Kingdom
Update Code: 199503
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