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Structure of seelite in Rabejac; France

Paul Piret and Jacqueline Piret-Meunier
Structure de la seelite de Rabejac (France)
European Journal of Mineralogy (October 1994) 6 (5): 673-677


The crystal structure of seelite from Rabejac has been determined to R 0.031; a 18.194, b 7.071, c 6.670 Aa, beta 99.70 degrees , V 845.8 Aa (super 3) , space group C2/m, D 3.71, Z = 2 Mg[(UO (sub 2) )(AsO (sub 3) ) (sub 0.07) (AsO (sub 4) ) (sub 0.3) ] (sub 27H) (sub 2) O. The structure consists of layers similar to those of the seelite from Talmessi [Min.Rec. 24-463] and those of the silicates of the uranophane structural group. Those layers are connected by octahedral Mg(H (sub 2) O) (sub 6) cations and by water molecules. The uranyl phosphate ranunculite [M.M. 43-321] is probably isostructural with seelite.

ISSN: 0935-1221
Serial Title: European Journal of Mineralogy
Serial Volume: 6
Serial Issue: 5
Title: Structure de la seelite de Rabejac (France)
Translated Title: Structure of seelite in Rabejac; France
Affiliation: Laboratoire de Chimie physique et de Cristallographie de l'Universite, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Pages: 673-677
Published: 199410
Text Language: French
Summary Language: English
Publisher: Schweizerbart'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung (Naegele u. Obermiller), Stuttgart, Federal Republic of Germany
References: 7
Accession Number: 1994-054185
Categories: Mineralogy of non-silicates
Document Type: Serial
Bibliographic Level: Analytic
Illustration Description: illus. incl. 2 tables
N42°30'00" - N51°00'00", W05°00'00" - E08°30'00"
Country of Publication: Germany
Secondary Affiliation: GeoRef, Copyright 2017, American Geosciences Institute. Reference includes data from Mineralogical Abstracts, United KingdomTwickenhamUKUnited Kingdom
Update Code: 199424
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