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Amphibole synthesis at low pressure; what grows and what doesn't

Mati Raudsepp, Allan C. Turnock and Frank C. Hawthorne
Amphibole synthesis at low pressure; what grows and what doesn't
European Journal of Mineralogy (December 1991) 3 (6): 983-1004


A reconnaissance of Fe-free, monoclinic amphibole synthesis possibilities over a wide range of compositions describes the results of the syntheses of end-member and intermediate amphibole compositions from the calcic, sodic-calcic and sodic groups. Selected products were characterized by EM, SEM, EPMA, and XRD studies. The composition and cation ordering of high-yield (> 80% amphibole) run products were characterized in detail using IR spectroscopy and/or Rietveld structure analysis and magic-angle spinning NMR spectroscopy. The results of amphibole synthesis are sensitive to the exact nature of the starting materials used, especially the source of SiO (sub 2) . In general amphibole compositions that seem to grow easily are few, but they include pargasite, richterite, potassium richterite and sodian magnesio- cummingtonite; fluorine end-members include fluor-tremolite, fluor- edenite and fluor-richterite. On the other hand, compositions which give low to nil amphibole yields under low-P conditions include edenite, tschermakite, magnesio-hornblendes, all sodic- calcic amphiboles and eckermannite. The authors consider that there is no intrinsic reason why end-member compositions will all be stable under some set of P-T conditions. Thus although edenite and tschermakite seem to be important components in natural amphiboles, there is no reason for their end-member composition to be stable under experimental conditions so far examined.

ISSN: 0935-1221
Serial Title: European Journal of Mineralogy
Serial Volume: 3
Serial Issue: 6
Title: Amphibole synthesis at low pressure; what grows and what doesn't
Affiliation: Univ. Manitoba, Dep. Geol. Sci., Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Pages: 983-1004
Published: 199112
Text Language: English
Publisher: Schweizerbart'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung (Naegele u. Obermiller), Stuttgart, Federal Republic of Germany
References: 2 p.
Accession Number: 1994-052614
Categories: Mineralogy of silicates
Document Type: Serial
Bibliographic Level: Analytic
Illustration Description: illus. incl. 8 tables, 28 anals.
Country of Publication: Germany
Secondary Affiliation: GeoRef, Copyright 2017, American Geosciences Institute. Reference includes data from Mineralogical Abstracts, United KingdomTwickenhamUKUnited Kingdom. Reference includes data from Geoline, Bundesanstalt fur Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe, Hanover, Germany
Update Code: 199424
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