A companion paper (this issue) describes a method for producing three-dimensional simulations of physical properties for different geologic situations. Here we create a simulation for a particular case, which is a near-surface (<80 ft deep) description of a karst environment. We simulate seismic velocity, density, resistivity, and the dielectric constant for this situation. We then conduct (in the computer) hypothetical geophysical surveys at the surface of the model. These surveys are seismic refraction, microgravity, dc resistivity, and ground-probing radar. Physical properties appropriate for cavities are then entered in the model. Repeating the geophysical surveys over the model with cavities provides a convenient method of evaluating their potential for cavity detection. Anomalies produced by normal variations in physical properties may simulate or obscure anomalies from target features. More data about the correlation of physical properties, particularly in the horizontal directions, will be required to evaluate this problem properly.

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