A seismic recording system has been developed in which seismic sections, printed photographically in variable-density form, simulate geologic cross-sections. The seismic signals recorded from geophone stations arranged for continuous reflection center-point control are presented in a sequence of vertical tracks. The tracks are adjusted for known corrections and reproduced at a selected horizontal scale. Prints of the variable-density section exhibit all events and their interrelationships for ready recognition and appraisal. The printer mechanism reduces seismic information to a uniform time basis, with weathering and elevation corrections to datum, and with stepout corrections in which account is taken of changing wave-front velocity with vertical travel-path time. The original field records comprise variable-density tracks on strips of 70-mm film. In the printer, individual record tracks are successively scanned and transferred to a continuous sheet of film by contact printing. Punched cards supply correction data to mechanisms which displace each record track according to the desired corrections. Normal and special printing functions are automatically performed.

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