Elliptical anisotropy is convenient to use as the reference medium in perturbation methods designed to study P-wave propagation for transverse isotropy (TI). We make the elliptically anisotropic TI model attenuative and discuss the corresponding P-wave dispersion relation and the wave equation. Our analysis leads to two conditions in terms of the Thomsen-type parameters, which guarantee that the P-wave slowness surface and the dispersion relation satisfy elliptical equations. We also obtain the viscoacoustic wave equation for such elliptically anisotropic media and solve it for point-source radiation using the correspondence principle. For the constant-Q TI model, we use the weighting function method to derive the viscoacoustic wave equation in differential form. Numerical examples validate the proposed elliptical conditions and illustrate the behavior of the P wavefield in attenuative elliptical TI models.

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