Target-oriented inversion (TOI) can resolve subsurface reservoir parameters based on surface waveform data. Moreover, virtual data at the datum level and a precise local forward operator are required to accurately perform inversion in the target area. The Marchenko redatuming, a state-of-the-art seismic redatuming method, is used to obtain the virtual data of the target area. Local forward operators of crosscorrelation and cross-convolution forms are used to generate the local wavefields. A subsurface-domain interferometric objective function and the corresponding inversion algorithm are developed. A simple model is used to demonstrate the accuracy of this approach. This technique is applied to the Chevron 2014 benchmark data set to invert a specific area, indicating that the method can achieve accurate high-resolution inversion results with reduced computational costs. Finally, a time-lapse inversion is performed to exhibit the practicality of the new approach in 4D seismic exploration. These numerical results demonstrate great applications of the TOI based on the redatumed data and local forward operators of crosscorrelation or convolution forms.

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