Many prestack depth migration methods have been developed and widely used to generate depth-domain seismic images, resulting in a need for depth-domain prestack seismic inversion of the subsurface elastic properties for reservoir characterization. Time-domain inversion techniques often are used after the depth-domain data set is transformed to the time domain. We provide a new technique for directly inverting depth-domain prestack seismic data for subsurface elastic properties: P-impedance (IP), S-impedance (IS), and density (ρ) in the depth domain. The proposed depth-domain workflow eliminates the need for time-depth/depth-time conversion, making it efficient and effective. Using a depth-wavenumber decomposition approach, the suggested workflow first extracts a collection of depth and angle varying wavelets to handle the potential nonstationarity of the depth-domain prestack seismic data. The extracted depth and angle variant wavelets are used in a basis pursuit inversion, which enhances the resolution of the inversion results. The workflow is tested on the Wenan 3D field data set, demonstrating its viability for practical applications.

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