Local slope is an important attribute that can help distinguish seismic signals from noise. Based on optimal slope estimation, many filtering methods can be designed to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio of noisy seismic data. We present an open-source MATLAB code package for local slope estimation and corresponding structural filtering. This package includes 2D and 3D examples with two main executable scripts and related subfunctions. All code files are in the MATLAB format. In each main script, local slope is estimated based on the well-known plane-wave destruction algorithm. Then, the seismic data are transformed to the flattened domain by utilizing this slope information. Furthermore, the smoothing operator can be effectively applied in the flattened domain. We introduce the theory and mathematics related to these programs and present the synthetic and field data examples to show the usefulness of this open-source package. The results of local slope estimation and structural filtering demonstrate that this package can be conveniently and effectively applied to the seismic signal analysis and denoising.

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