A geometric factor properly describing the microstructure of a rock is compulsory for effective medium models to accurately predict the elastic and electrical rock properties, which, in turn, are of great importance for interpreting data acquired by seismic and electromagnetic surveys, two of the most important geophysical methods for understanding the earth. Despite the applications of cementation exponent for the successful modeling of electrical rock properties, however, there has been no demonstration of cementation exponent as the geometric factor for the elastic rock properties. We have developed a workflow to model the elastic properties of clean and normal granular rocks through the combination of effective medium modeling approaches using cementation exponent as the geometric factor. Based on the dedicated modeling approaches, we find that cementation exponent can be adequately used as a geometric factor for the elastic properties of granular rocks. Further results highlight the effects of cementation exponent on the elastic and joint elastic-electrical properties of granular rocks. The results illustrate the promise of cementation exponent as a geometric link for the joint elastic-electrical modeling to better characterize the earth through integrated seismic and electromagnetic surveys.

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