We have developed an analytical solution for wave equations using a multiple-angle formula. The new solution based on the multiple-angle expansion allows us to generate a family of solutions for the acoustic-wave equation, which may be combined with Taylor-series, Chebyshev, Hermite, and Legendre polynomial expansions or any other expansion for the cosine function and used for seismic modeling, reverse time migration, and inverse problems. Extension of this method to the solution of elastic and anisotropic wave equations is also straightforward. We also derive a criterion using the stability and dispersion relations to determine the order of the solution for a given time step and, thus, obtaining stable wavefields free of numerical dispersion. Afterward, numerical tests are performed using complex 2D velocity models to evaluate the effectiveness and robustness of our method, combined with second- or fourth-order Taylor approximations. Our multiple-angle approach is stable and provides reliable seismic modeling results for larger times steps than those usually used by conventional finite-difference methods. Moreover, multiple-angle schemes using a second-order Taylor approximation for each cosine term have a lower computational cost than the mixed wavenumber-space rapid expansion method.

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