We inverted P-wave amplitude variation with offset and azimuth (AVOAz) data from the Marcellus shale to obtain fracture parameters that can fully describe the elastic behavior of fractured rocks with overall symmetry of orthorhombic or monoclinic. AVOAz data from two interfaces, (1) the upper interface between top Marcellus and Stafford limestone and (2) the lower interface between base Marcellus and Onondaga limestone, were used for inversion. To check the validity of our inversion results, fracture parameters for the Marcellus shale were inverted for each interface using Monte Carlo simulation to include uncertainty in our a priori information, i.e., elastic properties of unfractured rocks that are assumed to be known from well logs. Inversion results appeared robust with respect to uncertainties and converge to the same values for the two inversions. Our results were also consistent with singular value decomposition analysis (resolution matrix).

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