Steep structures in seismic data may bring directional aliasing; thus, the plane-wave destruction (PWD) filter cannot obtain an accurate dip estimation. We propose to interpret the plane-wave construction (PWC) filter as a line-interpolating operator and introduce a novel circle-interpolating model. The circle-interpolating PWC can avoid phase-wrapping problems, and the related circle-interpolating PWD can avoid aliasing problems. We design a 2D maxflat fractional delay filter to implement the circle interpolation, and we prove that the 2D maxflat filter is separable in each direction. Using the maxflat fractional delay filter in the circle interpolation, we propose omnidirectional plane-wave destruction (OPWD). OPWD can handle vertical structures and horizontal structures. With a synthetic example, we show how to obtain an omnidirectional dip estimation using the proposed OPWD. An application of OPWD to a field data set improves the results of predictive painting and event picking, as compared to conventional PWD.

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