Arbitrarily wide-angle wave equation (AWWE) is a space domain, high-order one-way wave equation (OWWE). Its accuracy can be arbitrarily increased, and it is amenable to easy numerical implementation. Those properties make it outstanding among the existing OWWEs and further enable it to be a desirable tool for migration. We extend the perfectly matched layer (PML) to 3D scalar AWWE to provide a good approach to suppress artifacts arising at truncation boundaries. We follow the concept of complex coordinate stretching, and the derivation procedure of PML for AWWE is straightforward. An existing finite-difference scheme is adopted to fit the split PML formulation and its stability is observed through numerical examples. The performance of the developed PML condition is compared with two different wave-equation based absorbing boundary conditions. Numerical results illustrate that the PML condition used in AWWE propagator can effectively absorb the propagating waves and evanescent waves at a price of limited additional computation cost.

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