Separation of wavefields into directional components can be accomplished by an eigenvalue decomposition of the accompanying system matrix. In conventional pressure-normalized wavefield decomposition, the resulting one-way wave equations contain an interaction term which depends on the reflectivity function. Applying directional wavefield decomposition using flux-normalized eigenvalue decomposition, and disregarding interaction between up- and downgoing wavefields, these interaction terms were absent. By also applying a correction term for transmission loss, the result was an improved estimate of the up- and downgoing wavefields. In the wave equation angle transform, a crosscorrelation function in local offset coordinates was Fourier-transformed to produce an estimate of reflectivity as a function of slowness or angle. We normalized this wave equation angle transform with an estimate of the plane-wave reflection coefficient. The flux-normalized one-way wave-propagation scheme was applied to imaging and to the normalized wave equation angle-transform on synthetic and field data; this proved the effectiveness of the new methods.

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