The technique of amplitude variation with offset (AVO) allows geoscientists to extract fluid and lithology information from the analysis of prestack seismic amplitudes. Various AVO parameterizations exist, all of which involve the sum of three weighted elastic-constant terms. In present-day AVO approaches, the weighting terms involve either knowledge of the incidence angle only, or knowledge of both the incidence angle and the in situ VP/VS ratio. We have used the theory of poroelasticity to derive a generalized AVO approximation that provides the estimation of fluid, rigidity, and density parameters. We have combined two previously independent AVO formulations, thus reducing, instead of adding to, the total number of formulations. This new approach requires knowledge of a third parameter to compute the weights: the dry-rock VP/VS ratio. We have derived a new equation and applied it to model and real data sets. The new formulation has allowed us to estimate fluid properties of the reservoir in a more direct manner than previous formulations.

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