In heterogeneous media, standard one-way wave equations describe only the kinematic part of one-way wave propagation correctly. For a correct description of amplitudes, the one-way wave equations must be modified. In media with vertical velocity variations only, the resulting true-amplitude one-way wave equations can be solved analytically. In media with lateral velocity variations, these equations are much harder to solve and require sophisticated numerical techniques. We present an approach to circumvent these problems by implementing approximate solutions based on the one-dimensional analytic amplitude modifications. We use these approximations to show how to modify conventional migration methods such as split-step and Fourier finite-difference migrations in such a way that they more accurately handle migration amplitudes. Simple synthetic data examples in media with a constant vertical gradient demonstrate that the correction achieves the recovery of true migration amplitudes. Applications to the SEG/EAGE salt model and the Marmousi data show that the technique improves amplitude recovery in the migrated images in more realistic situations.

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