We have performed lithology/fluid inversion based on prestack seismic data and well observations from a gas reservoir offshore Norway. The prior profile Markov random field model captures horizontal continuity and vertical sequencing of the lithology/fluid variables. The prior model is also locally adjusted for spatially varying lithology/fluid proportions. The likelihood model is inferred from basic seismic theory and observations in wells. An approximate posterior model is defined, which can be simulated from by an extremely computer-efficient algorithm. The lithology/fluid inversion results are compared to manual interpretations and evaluated by cross validation in one well. Moreover, inversions based on simplified prior models are developed for comparative reasons. Both lithology/fluid realizations and predictions look geologically reasonable. The results seem to reflect general reservoir experience and information provided by the prestack seismic data and well observations. The lithology/fluid proportions appear as geologically plausible and thin elongated lithology/fluid units are identified. The study is made in a 2D cross section, but extension to a full 3D setting is feasible.

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