We propose a new scheme for implementing predesigned 2D complex-valued wavefield extrapolation finite impulse response (FIR) digital filters, which are used for extrapolating 3D seismic wavefields. The implementation is based on singular value decomposition (SVD) of quadrantally symmetric 2D FIR filters (extrapolators). To simplify the SVD computations for such a filter impulse response structure, we apply a special matrix transformation on the extrapolation FIR filter impulse responses where we guarantee the retention of their wavenumber phase response. Unlike the existing 2D FIR filter implementation methods that are used for this geophysical application such as the McClellan transformation or its improved version, this implementation via SVD results in perfect circularly symmetrical magnitude and phase wavenumber responses. In this paper, we also demonstrate that the SVD method can save (depending on the filter size) more than 23% of the number of multiplications per output sample and approximately 62% of the number of additions per output sample when compared to direct implementation with quadrantal symmetry via true 2D convolution. Finally, an application to extrapolation of a seismic impulse is shown to prove our theoretical conclusions.

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