This efficient multiscale method for time-domain waveform tomography incorporates filters that are more efficient than Hamming-window filters. A strategy for choosing optimal frequency bands is proposed to achieve computational efficiency in the time domain. A staggered-grid, explicit finite-difference method with fourth-order accuracy in space and second-order accuracy in time is used for forward modeling and the adjoint calculation. The adjoint method is utilized in inverting for an efficient computation of the gradient directions. In the multiscale approach, multifrequency data and multiple grid sizes are used to overcome somewhat the severe local minima problem of waveform tomography. The method is applied successfully to 1D and 2D heterogeneous models; it can accurately recover low- and high-wavenumber components of the velocity models. The inversion result for the 2D model demonstrates that the multiscale method is computationally efficient and converges faster than a conventional, single-scale method.

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