Surface waves are a form of coherent noise that can obscure valuable reflection information in exploration records. It is sometimes difficult to eliminate these surface waves by traditional filtering approaches, such as an f-k filter, without damaging the useful signals. As a partial remedy, we propose an interferometric method to predict and subtract surface waves in seismic data. The removal of surface waves by the proposed interferometric method consists of three steps: (1) remove most of the surface waves by a nonlinear local filter; (2) predict the residual surface waves by the interferometric method; (3) separate the residual surface waves from the result of step 2 by a nonlinear local filter, and remove the residual surface waves by a matched filter from the result of step 1. Field data tests for 2D and 3D data show that the method effectively suppresses surface waves and preserves the reflection information. Results suggest that the effectiveness of this method is sensitive to the parameter selection of the nonlinear local filter.

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