We extend Riemannian wavefield extrapolation (RWE) to prestack migration using 2D elliptical-coordinate systems. The corresponding 2D elliptical extrapolation wavenumber introduces only an isotropic slowness model stretch to the single-square-root operator. This enables the use of existing Cartesian finite-difference extrapolators for propagating wavefields on elliptical meshes. A poststack migration example illustrates advantages of elliptical coordinates for imaging turning waves. A 2D imaging test using a velocity-benchmark data set demonstrates that the RWE prestack migration algorithm generates high-quality prestack migration images that are more accurate than those generated by Cartesian operators of the equivalent accuracy. Even in situations in which RWE geometries are used, a high-order implementation of the one-way extrapolator operator is required for accurate propagation and imaging. Elliptical-cylindrical and oblate-spheroidal geometries are potential extensions of the analytical approach to 3D RWE-coordinate systems.

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