This paper by Regone is an extremely interesting account of the reasoning and modeling underlying the parameter choices for BP's wide-azimuth towed streamer (WATS) acquisition in the Mad Dog area and for the node survey in Atlantis, both in the Gulf of Mexico.

Despite the thorough treatment of various parameter choices, some unanswered questions remain. These are mainly a consequence of the assumption that it is unnecessary to acquire shot-receiver azimuths in all four quadrants because reciprocity makes such measurements redundant. This assumption is used both in Regone (2006) and in the current paper as the rationale to model and acquire data in only two shot-receiver azimuth quadrants. However, the assumption is only correct for fine sampling in (x,y) of both sources and receivers. In that case, it would be possible to reconstruct samples in a particular quadrant from the samples in the opposite quadrant.

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