A fast Bayesian inversion method for 3D lithology and fluid prediction from prestack seismic data, and a corresponding feasibility analysis were developed and tested on a real data set. The objective of the inversion is to find the probabilities for different lithology-fluid classes from seismic data and geologic knowledge. The method combines stochastic rock physics relations between the elastic parameters and the different lithology-fluid classes with the results from a fast Bayesian seismic simultaneous inversion from seismic data to elastic parameters. A method for feasibility analysis predicts the expected modification of the prior probabilities to posterior probabilities for the different lithology-fluid classes. The feasibility analysis can be carried out before the seismic data are analyzed. Both the feasibility method and the seismic lithology-fluid probability inversion were applied to a prospect offshore Norway. The analysis improves the probability for gas sand from 0.1 to about 0.2–0.4 with seismic data.

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