Beginning in January-February 2005, GEOPHYSICS adopted an alphanumeric pagination scheme, which is evident when one takes a quick glance at tables of contents or flips or clicks through articles. This page-numbering system is a bit more difficult to follow than the conventional system used in GEOPHYSICS from 1936 through 2004. It was adopted to provide authors and readers of GEOPHYSICS with an important new feature — online publication of articles in advance of their appearance in print. This allows some papers to be published two months or more before the issue is in print.

GEOPHYSICS articles are published online one at a time as each is approved for publication. Online versions of papers must be identical to print versions in all respects — including pagination. This is especially important for citation purposes; for an article to be cited immediately upon publication online, identical pagination in the print version must be assured. In the online journal, issues are marked as partial until publication of all papers in the issue is completed.

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