We present results from an investigation into 1D inversion of controlled-source electromagnetic (CSEM) data. Based on inspection of a data set, we formulate a simple empirical noise model described by a few pragmatically determined parameters. We also investigate the effects of transmitter height above the seafloor and include the data uncertainty resulting from varying transmitter height in our noise model. Based on the noise model and assumptions about the available data, we analyze model parameter uncertainty estimates derived from the a posteriori model covariance matrix for a resistive layer buried at depth. We find that the layer parameters uncertainty primarily depends on the depth of burial and the thickness of the layer. We then formulate quantitative bounds for these parameters, within which we have a small uncertainty of the parameters of the resistive layer. The depth of burial and the transverse resistance of the layer become better determined the higher its resistance. We invert a field data set with multilayer and four-layer models and find a resistive layer at a depth of 15001600m below the seafloor. Seismic results from the area indicate a depth of 2000m.

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