We have developed a new method to determine phase velocities from the vertical component of microseisms recorded with an array of seismic sensors spaced around the circumference of a circle. We calculate two different time histories by taking the average of the seismograms with differing sets of weights for the sensor stations. The spectral ratio of these two time histories contains no information on the arrival directions or on the amplitudes of the incoming waves but depends solely on the phase velocities of the arriving modes.

Theoretical considerations indicate that the effects of directional aliasing caused by the use of a finite number of sensors in the field implementation of our method are small in most situations except for short wavelengths. The presence of incoherent noise limits the efficacy of our method for long wavelengths. In field tests using arrays of three seismic sensors, we obtained appropriate estimates of phase velocities in the wavelength range from 5r to 30r where r, the array radius, was on the order of a few meters.

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