An ultra-high-resolution 3-D, single-channel seismic survey was performed off the coast of New Jersey in 1993 to study the late Quaternary history of sedimentation on the northwest Atlantic continental margin (see Davies et al., 1992) as a part of the Office of Naval Research STRATAFORM initiative (Nittrouer and Kravitz, 1995). Three different sets of profiles were acquired (Figure 1), but only the set with highest spatial density is discussed here. A single ten-element receiver recorded 300 ms of data for every shot during the survey, which covers a total area of 0.6 km (north-south) X 7.75 km (east-west) (see Table 1). The deep-towed Huntec source (deployed at approximately 30 m depth) produced frequencies of 500 to 3500 Hz; a band-pass filter with corner frequencies at 1000 and 3500 Hz was applied during preprocessing.

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