Marine walk-away vertical seismic profiling (VSP) data can be transformed into reverse VSP data using an elastic reciprocity transformation. A reciprocity transform is derived and tested using data generated with a 2-D high-order, finite-difference modeling scheme in a complex elastic model. First, 201 shots are generated with a walk-away VSP experimental configuration. Both the x-component and the z-component of the displacement are measured. These data are collected in two common receiver data sets. Then two shots are generated in a reverse VSP configuration. We demonstrate that subtraction of the reverse VSP data from the walk-away VSP data gives very small residuals. The transformation of walk-away data into reverse VSP data makes prestack shot-domain migration feasible for walk-away data. Synthetic data from a multishot walk-away experiment can be obtained from one or a few modeling operations with a RVSP experimental configuration. The required computer time is reduced by two orders of magnitude.

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