We describe a technique for performing optimal, least-squares deconvolution of vertical seismic profile (VSP) data. The method is a two-step process that involves (1) estimating the source signature and (2) applying a least-squares optimum deconvolution operator that minimizes the noise not coherent with the source signature estimate. The optimum inverse problem, formulated in the frequency domain, gives as a solution an operator that can be interpreted as a simple inverse to the estimated aligned signature multiplied by semblance across the array. An application to a zero-offset VSP acquired with a dynamite source shows the effectiveness of the operator in attaining the two conflicting goals of adaptively spiking the effective source signature and minimizing the noise.

Signature design for seismic surveys could benefit from observing that the optimum deconvolution operator gives a flat signal spectrum if and only if the seismic source has the same amplitude spectrum as the noise.

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