Seventeen Schlumberger vertical electrical soundings (VES) were carried out in parts of the Umuahia area of Nigeria, using a maximum current electrode separation of 1 km. The data were interpreted using a conventional partial curve-matching method to obtain initial model parameters, which were used in a computer program to obtain final parameters. Three soundings were made at existing boreholes for comparison. Aquifer parameters of hydraulic conductivity and transmissivity were obtained by analyzing pumping test data from existing boreholes.The results of the interpretation revealed three distinct geoelectric layers overlying a conductive geoelectric basement. Based on the model obtained, aquifer hydraulic conductivity and transmissivity were calculated. The hydraulic conductivity calculated agreed closely with that determined from pumping test data. The results of the present study also indicate that the entire area is divided into two zones, each of which is homogeneous in hydraulic properties and water quality, but distinct from the other zone. A local groundwater divide between the Imo and Kwa-Ibo drainage systems was also defined.

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