[Editor's note: The paper by A. Ziolkowski which appeared in the February issue of Geophysics has generated a great deal of interest. For our readers' convenience, we are reprinting here two letters that appeared in The Leading Edge (July 1991 TLE, p. 8), followed by three discussions on the paper and a reply to each by the author.]

Dear Editors: Every once in a great while, a paper appears in Geophysics which is more significant than first meets the eye and mind. These papers, like too many others, are barely scanned and forgotten or brushed aside, or even criticized for incidental reasons (disagrees with our own ideas, isn't written in an acceptable “tone,” etc.). I think Ziolkowski's paper in the February 1991 issue (Why don't we measure seismic signatures?) is possibly one of these.

I refer to A. Ziolkowski's paper Why don't we measure seismic signatures? (Geophysics, February 1991). It is evident that Ziolkowski does not have a very high opinion of the professional standards of his fellow, practicing exploration geophysicists.

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