This note is intended formulate and prove a theorem about shear (S) waves in a transversely isotropic medium for which we have found no reference in the literature. The theorem states the following: SH waves emanating from a point source in a homogeneous transversely isotropic medium are reflected from a planar interface between the transversely isotropic medium and another homogeneous medium in such a way that they define a reflective image that is free of aberrations, regardless of the relative orientation of the elastic symmetry axis and the interface. It is an image for rays in the direction of the group velocity vectors, not the slowness vectors. The image is located on a line through the source point in the direction of the group velocity of a wave for which the slowness vector is perpendicular to the interface. The distance, measured along this line, of the image behind the interface is equal to that of the source point in front. An analogous theorem for slowness vectors exists only for isotropic media, where it is trivial and coincides with the above.

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