In reading the review by Snyder and Fleming in which they emphasized "those developments which we deem significant or which we have learned are held significant by our colleagues," I was dumbfounded by the total absence of any mention of Humble Oil & Refining Co.'s leadership in the development of the two-receiver, continuous velocity logging tool. That tool employed the techniques contained in W. D. Mounce's patent number 2 200 476 on "Measurements of acoustical properties of materials" which was applied for in December, 1935, and approved in May, 1940. The Humble Seismic Velocity Logger was used to log a shallow core hole near Ozona, TX, on October 18, 1949, and the first deep hole velocity logging operation was achieved on March 5, 1951, in the Ida Rosenbaum no. 1 well in Washington County, Texas. The formal announcement of Humble's success was in the paper "Seismic velocity logging" by W. D. Mounce, C. L. Hubbard, C. J. Charske, and H. P. Kuppers of Humble's Geophysics Research Section, presented on November 20, 1951, at the Fifth Annual Midwestern Meeting of the SEG in Dallas, TX.

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