Millett (1967) published tables of values of the mutual impedance due to inductive coupling between two collinear dipoles on a uniform, nonpolarizable half-space. In the course of a recent study (Brown, 1984) I have noticed significant errors, of two different kinds, in the phase angles (φ) given by Millett (1967).

One kind of error is evidently typographical in nature and occurs only twice, in the M = 3 table, for θ = .01 and .02. The tabled values apparently had their decimal points shifted one place. The second and more serious kind of error is an apparently random error within the range ±0.003 degrees. This is not significant for larger |φ|, say |φ| > 1 degree, but the values of |φ| in Millett's tables go down to 0.006 degrees (down to 0.0045 degrees after correction) where such errors are clearly significant, particlarly if one is working with logarithmic quantities as is common.

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