The offset panel is a display of basic seismic data which combines single-channel profiles from successive offsets (source-to-receiver distances) into one format. The profiles are displayed one below another and arranged vertically by offset and horizontally by common-depth-point. This arrangement allows for comparison of variations observed at one offset to those at another offset. Alteration of the data due to near-surface geologic variations generates geometric patterns on the display which are different from patterns due to changes in seismic source or receiver. This display has utility in data processing to verify field recording geometry, monitor the seismic source (primarily a marine application), and determine processing parameters. It aids data interpretation by allowing for the detection of an anomalous velocity zone in the near-surface which may affect deeper structural interpretation. Utilization of the offset panel in identification of shallow events of high amplitude also allows identification of shallow drilling hazards in the marine environment with conventional seismic data.

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