In the paper, “Seismic velocities in transversely isotropic media,” by Franklyn K. Levin in Geophysics, v. 44, no. 5, p. 918–936 (May 1979), the following correction should be made. Equation (A-7) which appears on p. 933 should read as follows:

dV2,3/dθ = (sin 2 θ/4 V2,3)[P2−Q2±{[((P2−1)sin2 θ+(Q2−1)cos2θ)(P2−Q2)+2Δ2cos2 θ]/[((P2−1)sin2θ+(Q2−1)cos2 + Δ2 sin2 2θ]1/2}].

The curves plotted in the paper were computed with the correct equation.

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