One of the most widely reproduced figures for the partition of energy of a seismic wave at an interface between two media is from Tooley et al.'s 1965 paper. Recently we referred to this paper and noticed some anomalies in the curves shown there in Figure 11. We looked at the values of the curves at zero angle of incidence and noted that while the values of a P-wave velocity ratio of 2, 3, and 4 agree with the values given by the simplified formula {(V2-V1)/(V2+V1)}**2, the values shown for the P-wave velocity ratios less than 1 do not agree. For a ratio of 0.25, the coefficient at zero angle should be 0.36; it is shown as about 0.72. A ratio of 0.5 should give a coefficient of 0.11; 0.52 is shown. There are similar discrepancies for all the other ratios less than 1.

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