A hand calculator program for gravity terrain corrections should include functions to (1) calculate the standard terrain correction due to topography of constant elevation throughout a given sector of a terrain correction graticule, and (2) calculate the terrain correction due to topography that slopes uniformly throughout the graticule sector. Equations for function (1) and for a special case of function (2) were given by Hammer (1939). Hammer's equation covers the useful case where the uniform slope extends in azimuth a full 360 degrees around the gravity station. Using this equation, Sandburg (1958) published tables of gravity terrain corrections for stations on complete (360 degree) uniform slopes of slope angles 0 degrees to 30 degrees. This note points out that Hammer's equation, as well as the corresponding equation for the incomplete uniform slope (one extending under a single graticule sector only), may both be approximated by a square-power law. The resulting forms are particularly convenient for hand calculator use. A particular application gives a new rule of thumb for estimating Hammer inner-zone terrain corrections.

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