I heard the initial presentation of the subject paper during the SEG Annual Meeting at Calgary in 1977 and discussed some of my following remarks with the principal author. With its appearance in Geophysics, I believe it worthwhile to call attention to certain aspects of this paper which may not be recognized by some readers.

I continue to be disturbed at the tendency of the recent computer-oriented generation of geophysicists to concentrate on their remarkable accomplishments in computation using the digital computer, while at the same time displaying a tendency to ignore accurate portrayal of the results of such work. It seems that the means now justify the end regardless of the quality of the end. No question that the means are remarkable in the power and speed which they bring to handling otherwise intractable geophysical calculations. Nevertheless, the results of such work, in many cases in the past few years, leave much to be desired in terms of faithful reproduction of data related to natural phenomena. Furthermore, the willingness of otherwise very competent authors and geophysicists to ignore the deficiencies of the published results and maps continues to puzzle me.

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