Odegard and Berg (1965) have shown that the interpretational process can be simplified for several idealized bodies by utilizing the Fourier transform of the resultant theoretical gravity anomalies. Additional studies relating similar conclusions for other idealized bodies have been reported by Gladkii (1963), Roy (1967), Sharma et al (1970), Davis (1971), Eby (1972), and Saha (1975), and a summary of the spatial and frequency domain equations is given in Regan and Hinze (1976, Table 1); however, the transforms of the three-dimensional prism and vertical line elements, often utilized in interpretation, have not been previously examined in this manner. Although Bhattacharyya and Chen (1977) have developed and utilized the transform of the 3-D prism in their method for determining the distribution of magnetization in a localized region, it is still of value to present the interpretive advantages of the transform equation itself.

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