For an elastic material with an infinite circular cylindrical hole, the exact solution due to a pressure on a finite length of the cylinder is obtained as a function of the Laplace transform parameter on time and Fourier transform parameter on the z-coordinate (the axis of the cylinder). The applied pressure is a function of the time and the position z. Numerical inversion of the Laplace and Fourier transforms are required to determine the field quantities in the time and space parameters.In the far field, the inverse Fourier transform can be obtained by an asymptotic expansion. It remains to obtain the inverse Laplace transform numerically. We have found that for cylinders whose radius is small compared with the smallest wavelength of interest, an analytical solution can be obtained.Graphical results for the cases of instantaneous explosion and progression of the detonation with constant velocity are given. In both cases an exponential decay of the explosion pressure is assumed.

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