A workshop on Evaluation of Electrical Methods in the Geothermal Environment was held at Snowbird, Utah, November 4 through 7, 1976. The workshop was financed by the U.S. Geological Survey under a grant to the University of Utah. S. H. Ward, Chairman of the Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Utah, aided by a steering committee consisting of William Dolan (Amax), Frank Frischknecht (ex-officio, U.S.G.S.), George Keller (Group 7), Tsvi Meidav (Geonomics), Frank Morrison (University of California, Berkeley) and Sulhi Yungul (Chevron) arranged to invite 50 participants while the U.S.G.S. arranged the attendance of four federal program managers as observers. Balanced representation of industry, government, and academia was stressed during the invitation process. Will Forsberg and Mary DeWitt of the University of Utah arranged accommodations and provided workshop management. R. L. Christiansen, F. C. Frischknecht, and D. W. Klick of the U.S. Geological Survey were very generous with their time in helping me organize and edit this report.

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