The use of the radio interferometry method requires a detailed understanding of the nature of electromagnetic wave propagation in structures composed of materials with low electrical loss. This paper contains the results of a detailed experimental and theoretical study into the response of a 2-layer, plane-stratified, low-loss dielectric earth. The technique used to construct a scale model with microwave equipment to experimentally simulate the 2-layer structure response is discussed. The wave nature of the response derived from the theoretical investigations is used to interpret the features of the experimental results. The experimental results are useful in turn in demonstrating the reliability of approximate theoretical solutions for the electromagnetic fields about the dipole obtained by normal mode and geometrical optics methods. Such features as (1) the modification of the dipole radiation pattern seen when the antenna is placed at the interface between media of differing electrical properties, and (2) the development of guided and leaky modes in the layered structure are examined in detail.

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