Under complex geologic situations the analysis of induced current distribution, rather than of the scattered field, may provide a useful physical insight into the electromagnetic response characteristics of a conducting ore body. Influence of a conducting cover and inhomogeneity in the conductivity on the currents induced in aspherical conductor excited by a uniform alternating magnetic field has, therefore, been investigated. The analysis shows (a) reduction of the current-density amplitudes in the core by the cover, (b) occurrence of current-density maxima inside the conducting system for some characteristic frequencies, (c) enhancement of the in-phase component in some cases, and (d) reduction of current-density in the shell with increase in the core conductivity and significant influence of the inhomogeneity in conductivity at low frequencies. Since there is a direct correspondence between the electromagnetic response of a target and the currents induced in it, these results are expected to aid in the interpretation of data over ore deposits having a halo-zone of disseminated mineralization.

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