A review of seismic research and development shows there is available in 1971 an important new, mature, and sophisticated seismic technology. This technology, when added to the solid foundation of basic science and experience of the pre-1963 model seismic stratigraphic exploration capability, produces a capability which can, in the future, discover stratigraphic oil. We suggest there are many ways of achieving seismic high resolution which are not now in widespread use. Applications of our high resolution concepts to stratigraphic exploration are illustrated, including the direct detection of hydrocarbon saturated sands. To illustrate types of situations where it seems reasonable to search for major undiscovered stratigraphic reserves, we analyze briefly the Gulf Coastal province. This province contains a huge carbonate basin and a colossal clastic basin which may have tremendous potential from a modern stratigraphic exploration viewpoint. It is again emphasized that the stratigraphic exploration process will have to be performed by fully integrated exploration teams composed of management, geologists, and geophysicists.

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