The Editors are pleased to present this year again as a December issue a number of “Papers for the Field Geophysicist.” While the regular issues are easily filled from the large numbers of papers submitted, practical papers come few and far between; and the issue could not have been filled without extending the definition of a practical paper somewhat, and without a certain amount of solicitation on the part of the editor. As pointed out in the Annual Report, one can hardly expect effective solicitation from an editor who is not familiar with local happenings and who, moreover, already works overtime, spending 15 to 20 hours per week on editorial work. It was suggested in the report that a more effective job can, hopefully, be done at the local level where the existence of interesting surveys and field experiments is best known. Perhaps the Local Sections ought to appoint “Arm Twisters,” good natured, but preferably over 6 feet 2 inches tall, as editorial representatives for the special issue for the field geophysicist.

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